Don’t Be a Magnet for Unpleasant Experiences



“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” — Earl Nightingale

I was re-listening to my audio CD of Lead the Field, by Earl Nightingale.

It’s full of gems, but this time round, I zoomed in on one gem in particular.

It’s a reminder of how we get what we expect and how our world mirrors our attitude.

Earl’s words are wise and to the point.  And so I share them with you here to help remind you of what you already know, or to give you a new way to think about a problem that can easily creep in and overshadow your life.

Doubtful Attitudes Lead to Dark and Frustrated Lives

We project on our world, whatever we feel inside.

Via Lead the Field:

“There are millions of human beings living narrow, dark, and frustrated lives, living defensively, simply because they take a defensive, doubtful attitude toward themselves, and, as a result, toward life in general.”

Self-Fulfilling, Doom-Fulfilling Prophecy

What we project onto our world, comes right back around to us.

Via Lead the Field:
”A person with a poor attitude becomes a magnet for unpleasant experiences.  When those experiences come, as they must, because of his attitude, they tend to reinforce his poor attitude, thereby bringing more problems, and so on. The person becomes an example of self-generating, doom-fulfilling prophecy.”

Our Outlook on Life is a Paintbrush of Possibilities

We’re the artist of our future, and we can paint a better world, if we start with a better outlook.

Via Lead the Field:
”And it’s all a matter, believe it or not, of attitude.
We get what we expect.
And our outlook on life is a kind of paintbrush.
And with it, we paint our world.
It can be bright and filled with hope and satisfaction.
Or it can be dark and gloomy. Lugubrious.”

Let Better Experiences Begin with Us

Don’t let creating better experiences become a chicken-or-the-egg problem.   Create better situations from the inside out.

Via Lead the Field:

“It’s hard to convince people sometimes that the world they experience is a reflection of their attitude.
They take the attitude that if people would only be nice to them, they would be nice in return.
They are like the person sitting in front of the cold stove waiting for the heat.
Until they put in the fuel, there’s not going to be any heat.
It’s up to them to act first.  It has to start somewhere.
Let it begin with us.”

Be careful with that smile.

It’s contagious.

Just like a great attitude.

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