Skilled for Life

young beautiful woman with saxophone“Every artist was first an amateur.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my experience, skills make the difference.

I see way too many people fail or flail, when they could survive and thrive.

If they had the right strategy and the right skills.

In the movie, Man on Fire, the character Creasy says:

“There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which are you?”

That line echoed in my mind.  It was a sharp reminder that training could turn the ordinary into the extraordinary … or, the untrained, into the trained.

Welcome to the ultimate dojo of personal effectiveness.

All That You’re Capable Of

If you’ve ever experienced an intense training that transformed what you are capable of, you know what I mean.

Whether it’s an intense MBA program, or Navy Seals training, or mastering a musical instrument, there is great power in tactics and techniques when you combine them with effective strategies, and most importantly, the right feedback loops, so you can tune and improve your skills over time.

With the right motivation, abilities, and feedback, you can become all that you’re capable of.


It’s like that scene in Limitless, where you hear the main character, Eddie Morra, think out loud about his new ability to learn anything and everything faster and better than ever before:

”I learned to play the piano in three days. Math became useful. And fun. Even half listening to any language, I became fluent.

I suddenly knew everything, about everything.

My brain was just pouring this stuff out. Everything I’d ever read, heard, seen was now organized and available. Here it is. Here you go.

I’d made some new friends, who invited me to the beach. The beach was not near by.

All my fear? All my shyness? Gone! But mere lounging wasn’t enough.”

That’s what it’s like when you learn without limits.  You become unlimited.

Multiple Skills for Work and Life

Sources of Insight is here to help you grow your skills in work and life across a variety of areas that are better together:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Emotions
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Relationships

It’s a whole person approach to improving your personal effectiveness.

Skilled for Work.  Skilled for Life.

Get your edge.

Whether you think of Sources of Insight as your Success Library, or your Dojo for Personal Excellence, or your Garden of Insight, you can use it to get your edge.

For me, Sources of Insight is a quest for the best insight and action for work and life.

It’s a skills library for principles, patterns, and practices for personal effectiveness.

I want to bridge the gap between the state of the art and the state of the practice and help more people achieve what they are truly capable of.

Thrive with Skill

Turn insight into action.  Turn action into results.

If there is one word to sum up the idea, it’s thrive.

Thrive in work and life.

To help you do that, my goal is to provide you with the skills to pay the bills and lead a better life.

The main phrase to remember when you think of Sources of Insight is:

Skilled for Life

A Smarter, More Creative, More Capable You

Imagine a smarter, more creative, more capable you.

Life isn’t static.  Like a fine wine, you can get better with age, if you practice the art of continuous improvement.

Life long learners get better over time.

You can improve every aspect of your life that you invest in and work at.

That’s the power of a growth mindset.

And that’s the power of learning skills that can exponentially improve your results.

Imagine If …

Imagine what you could do if you focus on improving your skills …

  • Imagine if you could sharpen your strategic thinking skills so that could anticipate future scenarios better than ever before.
  • Imagine if you could develop your emotional intelligence skills so that could remain calm, cool, and collected in the most stressful scenarios.
  • Imagine if you could learn better, faster, and easier than ever before.  What languages would you learn, what books would you read, what new skills would you master?
  • Imagine if you could improve your agility and adapt to new changes in your life.
  • Imagine if you could use the power of your creative mind to innovate
  • Imagine if you could master money and make it work for you versus the other way around.
  • Imagine if you could master your relationships in work and life, where you click with more people in a deeper way.
  • Imagine if you could master your influence and impact and bring your ideas to life.
  • Imagine if you could manage your career so that you can reach the top of your game in half the time it takes everybody else, or imagine if you could be a thought leader in your field.

It’s you unleashed.

Skills are Power

Knowledge is power.  But only if you apply it.  Skills help you apply knowledge to produce better results.

Edward de Bono spent a lifetime sharing and scaling executive thinking skills for everyone.  John Maxwell spent a lifetime sharing and scaling deep leadership skills for everyone.  Michael Michalko spent a lifetime putting the very best creative thinking techniques at your fingertips.

The world is full of amazing insight and powerful techniques.

Sources of Insight empowers you with skill.

Take what you need.  Test it.  Tailor it.  Tune it.

Getting Started

There are so many ways to get started, but what’s important is that you just start.

Here are three paths to get started, choose the one you want:

  1. 3 Thinking Techniques to Improve Your Intellectual Horsepower – Learn a quick skill to change how you think.  You can instantly get better results in any situation.
  2. You 2.0 – Get on path.  This is a fast way to find your firm foundation.   By learning your values, your strengths, and your purpose, you can instantly amplify your impact, and live life on your terms.
  3. 30 Days of Getting Results – This is hard-core.  But it’s back to the basics.  By learning the fundamentals of productivity, time management, and personal effectiveness, you’ll be ready for anything and better equipped to become all that you’re capable of.

Personal empowerment is a journey.

Skills are the way.

Dream big.  Start small.