Sources of Insight is 6 Months Old


Every now and then I like to take a step back and check whether I’m on track.   Sources Of Insight is now a little more than six months old.  My last checkpoint was Sources of Insight is One Month Old.  In this post, I share some of my lessons, take a stroll through some data, and give a bit of insight into where I’m headed.

What Have I Learned
I’ve learned a lot, but here’s the highlights:

  • Find your flow.  Passion if your fuel.  Either write about your passion or get passionate about what you write.  If you don’t have passion, it won’t last.  Sometimes this means tuning your mission or your topic until you unleash your best self.
  • Find a way to flow value.   Find your rhythm of results.  Don’t block yourself.  Think in terms of flowing incremental value.  Each post is a potential nugget of value.  Find a way to have a flowing stream of thoughts, insight, and action.  The sum is more than the parts.  It’s great when your words work, but don’t let the words get in your way.
  • It’s about sustainable results.  Think of it like a marathon with sprints inside.  It’s also about taking some breaks along the way.  Pace yourself for the long haul.
  • Set boundaries.    Set limits around how much time you’ll spend writing, publishing, commenting, … etc.  If you get sloppy here, you can spill into other areas of your life.  This is the key to sustainable results.
  • Impress yourself first.  This is about internalizing success.   Write the post you want to read.  You can tune your bar based on feedback, but if you don’t have an internal sense of success, your feedback will bounce your around like a yo-yo.  Also, you can’t please everyone so at least please yourself.
  • You don’t fail if you keep trying.  If at first your post does not succeed, try, try again.  Sometimes improvement is an inch.  Sometimes it’s a yard.  Sometimes it’s taking a step backward, to leap forward.  As long as your learning and responding, you’ll move forward.
  • Working on your blog, is working on your life.  Your blog is your chance to work on you.  It’s your way to find your passions, find your flow, and get your groove on .  The key here is living your values.
  • Life’s not static, neither is your blog.   Your blog is either growing or dying.  People flow in and flow out.  It’s more like a river than a lake.  Have a metaphor for your blog.   Maybe it’s a Banzai tree that you prune.  Maybe it’s your garden.  Either way, it’s not a set it and forget it operation.
  • Learn and respond.   The beauty of your blog is it’s a sounding board.  Use the lessons.
  • Version your results.  This is about chunking things up and not letting perfection get in the way.  Good enough for now, is better than the perfect post that never sees the light of day.  This is how you flow value.
  • One pitch at a time.  Each post is a new chance to stop and smell the roses.
  • Keep getting up at bat.  Get up to bat.  It’s a numbers game.  The more you get up to bat, the more chances you have to knock your post out of the park.  There’s a little home run in all of us.  Don’t miss all the beautiful singles, doubles and even walks along the way.
  • Stay focused on the goal, but flexible in your approach.  You’ll find a way if you’re flexible.  This includes adjusting your goals, if they aren’t helping you.  Your goals work for you, not the other way around.
  • It’s about the people.  It’s not just your commentors and your raving fans (hi Mom!).  It’s all the behind the scenes networking that happens.  Friendships are forged, and new opportunities get created.

And bad mistakes … I’ve made a few (hundred).  I’d love to list out all my mistakes, but I’d run out of room.  Suffice it to say I’m failing forward.

I’ve done a few experiments to live and learn:

I don’t think I’ll keep doing daily posting, but for now it helps me find routines and test things for better feedback.  It also helps a lot during the growth stage of my blog.

Featured Guests
One of the surprises for me and I didn’t plan on it was guest posts from some of my heroes who happen to be best selling authors:

… and my latest guest post is Top 5 Characteristics of Leaders, by Ken Sylvester, one of the world’s best negotiators. The lesson here is, you just never know which way in life the wind will blow.  Just be ready to raise your sails and run with it when it does.

Stats at a Glance
Here’s my stats at a glance for the past six months (September to March):

  • Page Rank 4.  I didn’t get ranked until December.  It started as a 3, so hopefully it’s on its way up.
  • 650+ subscribers.  I’m not sure what I expected, but at least I know it’s growing.
  • 56,000 visits.   I can’t fathom that number.  It sounds neat though.  Instead, I just talk to the peeps either in comments, behind the scenes, or when I bump into them in the road of life.
  • 110,000 page views.  Again, I can’t fathom that number.
  • 110 posts.  I’ve written 110 posts since September:  September (14), October (12), November (6), December (21), January (26), February (19), March (12).  The simplest way to read the posts is browse the archive.

I don’t know what the numbers tell me.  I haven’t really focused on them.  Instead, I get feedback from friends and family to see how it’s working.  So far, I can safely say, my sister likes the readability of my theme, so that’s good enough for me.

I do know that I made a lot of mistakes that messed up things like my page rank and search traffic.  I fixed some basic things in December and have started to make some more fixes.

Top 3 Posts
These are my top 3 posts purely based on traffic:

They aren’t my choice.  I would probably pick Rituals for Results, Lessons Learned from Peaceful Warrior, and  Lessons Learned from Santa.

Top 5 Commentors
I’d like to list all my commentors, but I would bloat this post.  Instead I’ll give a shout out and thanks to all my commentors and readers, and list the top 5 commentors who left the most comments so far:

But seriously, I do want to list everybody (Barbara, Melissa, Vered, Daphne, Evelyn, Jarrod, Drew, Andrew, Alex, Praveen, Prashant, Akshay, Jason, Rob,  Lance, Dror, David, Maya, Sean, Liara, Avani, Sara, Molly, Karl, Stacey, Gennaro, Tom, Ross, Terry, Ian, Maya, Christine, Rick, Per, Ed, Ajoy  …. etc.) , and I will in a future post.

Tag Line
My tag line is still:

Stand on the shoulders of giants!

Lately though, I have another elevator pitch …

Make others great!

It sums it up pretty well what the mission is.  It’s punchy and precise.

Vision, Mission, Values
My vision, mission, and values have pretty much stayed the same:

  • Vision – World’s best insight for work and life.
  • Mission – Improve the quality of life for as many people as I can, as long as I can.
  • Values – Continuous improvement, learn and move on, success is a journey, not a destination.

Really, it’s about lifting others up by sharing patterns and practices for skilled living.  It’s going from ordinary to extraordinary using proven practices, insight, and action.  I think I still need to improve my About page.

Guiding Principles
I summarized this in my About page, but I wanted to list my guiding principles here for convenience:

  • Life’s not a spectator’s sport.
  • Absorb what’s useful; reject the rest.
  • It’s not what’s on your plate, it’s how you eat it.
  • Don’t take life too seriously, or you’ll never get out alive.
  • Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • Live more, laugh more, learn more, love more.
  • Roll with the punches.
  • Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
  • If you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, carry the lessons forward.
  • Don’t seek to be better than others; seek to be better than yourself.

I’m not a perfectionist, although you might have seen me play one on TV.  Everybody has flaws so it’s finding the good stuff and sharing.

Unleash Your Inner Awesome
The best is yet to come.  I’ve got more time ahead of me than behind me and I’m continuing to learn.  I’m still figuring out how to up my game.  I haven’t cracked the nut yet, but I do plan on finding the best ways to help the underdogs in the world get exponential results from life.  It’s that simple.  Yeah, I’m on a mission.  All I can promise you is that I will find ways to unleash your inner awesome.  Along the way, we’ll kick some arse and take names, because that’s how I roll.

Tell Me More About My Eyes
Enough about me.  Tell me more about you and what you’d like to see.  As far as this blog, what sucks?  … What’s awesome?  … What do you want more of?

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  1. Google now need to index 100+ more pages and rank it.
    650 more people get more insights daily and start think/act differently… and much more!

    World changed since the launch of

    “Change the world or go home!” 😉

    Congrats and happy anniversary!

  2. Wow J.D., these are fantastic results. Congrats on Sources of Insight’s first 6 months – can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 😀

  3. JD,
    Wow Happy Anniversary – Let’s Live Forever is celebrating 1 year today!

    Good writing and post and I realized I don’t know how many subscribers I have or if I have any rank at all. I have to go back and find my dashboard…. Yikes! I just keep working at it and I downloaded your book and read it – very nice words there too. I passed it on to my partner’s office as they are quite discouraged right now and they keep taking it on step by step

    Thank you for your great blog and insights. I appreciate it very much.

    (I bet I only have about 50 subscribers after 11 months!)

  4. Hi J.D.
    Congratulations on 6 months of blogging and finding your groove. I appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned so far. Being fairly new to blogging myself, it’s good to have someone reaffirm some of the thoughts in my own head 🙂

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog and have started having a look around. You have great posts, with a lot of good content and I really like the look and feel of your site. Very well done. If I had to vote for a tag line it would be “Make others great”. It’s short, to the point and it feels absolutely great when you can help others shine.

    Congrats again on 6 months.

  5. Congratulations JD! Sounds like you’re doing great and most importantly your enthusiasm for blogging is shining through. I like what you said that blogging is growing. With that attitude you can blog forever!

  6. Hi JD

    I really enjoy your posts and ideas. They are different.
    (and to add that I enjoy your comments on other blogs, they are always so insightful and add to an article)

    I don’t want to go over the top…ok, I will, just a little:
    I’m not into reading blogs daily, but, you have slowly worked your way into my time and I am reading you more frequently. Enough said (in a round about way)

    I know you are looking for some suggestions for improvement, but, well, I simply can’t think of any. Please just stay you – the different topics (different from what is on so many blogs out there), the mix of content (business and personal), the variety of approaches (reviews, your own, guests etc.), the style (I like that you don’t take too much of a preachy stance – if that makes sense), your occasionally alternative view of life…


  7. JD,

    Congrats on hitting the 6 month mark!

    I like your What Have I Learned List and realize there’s some great advice for me there too.

    I’ve had you in my Google Reader for a while now, and check out every post even if they pile up for a few days before I get a chance to read.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. @ Alik

    Thanks Alik. I agree – let’s kick some arse.

    @ Louisa

    Thanks Louisa. Me too 😉

    @ Patricia

    Thanks Patricia and congratulations to you too!

    If you use nothing else from the guide, use the Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, and Friday Reflection pattern, along with The Rule of 3.

    @ Sherri

    Thanks Sherri. I’m still finding my groove … it’s definitely a journey.

    I do like “make others great.” It’s sticky. I like other flavors of it too “make you great” and “be YOUR best.”

    @ Daphne

    Thanks Daphne. That’s really the key I think — making the blog a channel for passion. ROI can come in lots of disguises. Energy is one of them. Influence is another. Honing your skills is yet another.

    @ Juliet

    Thanks Juliet. I very much appreciate the fact you make time for me. I know there’s so much info overload in today’s world and so many competing interests.

    I’ll stay me, which includes experimenting, testing and learning. I think the core is sharing the best insights and actions I can find to help everybody win in this little game called life.

    @ Tim

    Thanks Tim. I checked out your blog and I think you have a great focus and good pattern of flowing value. You used one of my favorite blog themes … it’s nice and clean.

  9. If you don’t know by now, I love your blog. I wish I had more time to hang out and learn, but I stop by whenever possible. I just may be your #1 fan. And I can’t believe Sources of Insight is only 6 months old. It seems as if I have been learning from this blog for more over a year. It’s funny how time works that way. Happy 6 months birthday!

  10. @ Stacey

    Thanks Stacey. I think our blogs are complimentary and I always like when you stop by. I’m a fan of your blog too.

  11. Hi J.D.,

    What a great post – and congratulations on all you’ve accomplished these past six months! I’m especially drawn in by the section on what you’ve learned – lessons that I can relate so well to also! Looking forward to where the future is taking you!

  12. Wow, JD – I am late to the party here but I cannot believe your blog is only 6 months old! Your blog is really really insightful (I know I am not being very original here ;)) , but what I can say is I think YOU have so much more to teach and share than what you have done so far in your blog. I love your energy and methodical teaching – and I especially love your introductions to a number of great books I have been reading.
    Stats do not mean a lot but they mean something for sure – it is great to see how you are growing!!

    I do think it is key to find our flow and impress ourselves first!

  13. @ Lance

    Thanks Lance. I think I’ve learned to enjoy the lessons and the process as much, if not more, than the results.

    @ Maya

    Thanks Maya. It’s been a crazy ride so far and I’ve learned a lot. There’s still a gap between where I want the blog to be and where it’s at, but I think that’s just lots of opportunity. I’ll keep shaping it as I go.

  14. Congratulations J.D.
    You have a very nice blog, it looks like you have been doing this for years. Great job and thank you for sharing with us what you have learn. I have always enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to many more to come.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  15. @ Giovanna

    Thank you. I always enjoy your comments and I really like your focus on tacking action … especially imperfect action. It’s perfect!

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