Sources of Insight is One Year Old



Sources of Insight is one year old.  It’s hard to believe.  Sometimes, it feels like I just launched yesterday.  Other times, it feels like it’s always been there.  Time is funny like that.   My first post was Fear of Weaknesses, Fear of Failure, and Fear of Who You Are.  This post is a walk through some of my highlights and lessons learned over the past year, and a look to the future.

Top 3 Lessons
These are my top 3 lessons learned from a blogging perspective:

  • Get up to bat a post at a time.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  How do you build a great blog?  A post at a time.  Getting up to bat is part of the game.  Sometimes you strike out.  Sometimes you knock it out of the park.  Each post is a chance to master your craft, inspire somebody you didn’t know, or create a new “ah-ha” moment, that makes somebody’s day.
  • Working on your blog is working on your life.  The more you blog, the more you learn about yourself.  For example, you learn your motivations and where your energy really comes from.  You learn more about your ideas by thinking on paper.   To be sustainable, it’s a continuous process of finding what drives you.  It’s really a journey thing.
  • Blogging is a team sport.  It’s all the people that make blogging worth it, including the people behind the scenes.  The more you give, the more you get.

Perhaps a way to summarize these lessons is, “give your best, where you have your best to give.”

Top 3 Posts
These are my top 3 posts based on pageviews:

My Top 3 Favorite Posts
With the way I use 3 all the time, you would think my favorite post is The Rule of 3.  It’s up there alright, but these are my top 3 favorite posts:

I think You 2.0 is especially important.  I’ve used it to help a lot of people unleash their best.  It’s a way to get a fresh start, get back to the basics, and find your personal success formula.  It cuts right to the heart of things.  Living Your Process is a quick read and it summarizes some personal success patterns.  It was input for You 2.0.  Lessons Learned from Bruce Lee surprised me.  It touched a lot of people’s lives and for many Bruce became a new hero.

Featured Guests
I’ve had the honor of several guest posts by some people with great insights:

My Guest Posts on Other Sites
I haven’t done much guest posting.  I know I’m supposed to, and I will.  Here are my two guest posts from this past year:

I wrote them a little bit differently than my style on Sources of Insight.  Every now and then I have to stretch my wings.

Quotes Collections
While I don’t have a lot of quotes collections yet, I regularly use the ones I have for inspiration and insight:

They were a one-time effort that seems timeless and priceless.

Tag Line
My tag line is …  “Stand on the shoulders of giants!”

Vision, Mission, Values
My vision, mission, and values have a simple theme:

  • Vision – World’s best insight for work and life.
  • Mission – Improve the quality of life for as many people I can, as long as I can.
  • Values – Growth, learn and move on, success is a journey, not a destination.

Really, it’s about lifting others up by sharing patterns and practices for skilled living.  It’s going from ordinary to extraordinary using proven practices, insight, and action.

Guiding Principles
I summarized these in my About page, but I wanted to list my guiding principles here for convenience:

  • Life’s not a spectator’s sport.
  • Absorb what’s useful; reject the rest.
  • It’s not what’s on your plate, it’s how you eat it.
  • Don’t take life too seriously, or you’ll never get out alive.
  • Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • Live more, laugh more, learn more, love more.
  • Roll with the punches.
  • Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
  • If you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, carry the lessons forward.
  • Don’t seek to be better than others; seek to be better than yourself.

Stats at a Glance
I haven’t hit the tipping point yet, but It seems to be slow but steady growth.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  Here are my stats at a glance:

  • Page Rank 4.
  • 1400+ subscribers.
  • 162,000 visits.
  • 285,000 page views.
  • 207 posts.

Here is a look back at the stats  from the six month mark …

  • Page Rank 4.
  • 650+ subscribers.
  • 56,000 visits.
  • 110,000 page views.
  • 110 posts.

The Future
What does the future hold?   I’ll continue investing in the hot spots for life:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Emotions
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Fun

I plan to find and share the best patterns and practices in these areas, that actually make a difference.  I’m a fan of skills.  While skills aren’t everything, the right technique, at the right time can be the game changer.  On my immediate horizon, I’m organizing some key techniques for skilled thinking.  Thinking is one of those things that really impacts so much of your day.  I have a large collection of techniques, but I’m trying to turn them into a simple but effective set that you can put to use right way.

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  1. The efforts you put in it are motivating
    The progress your show is inspiring
    The insights you share here are practical and helpful
    Thank you!
    This year was great and the next one will be even better 😉

  2. “Working on our blog is working on your life.” This goes the same for me! Yeah. The articles I’ve posted on my blog reflects on my own personal life too — and then share it in a way on how I would overcome them. 🙂

    1 year to achieve that sorta results is amazing! The following year should see a double in growth rate.

    Okay, back to reading more stuff that you’ve linked from here JD. Cheers!

  3. JD,
    Awesome, awesome work here over the last year! What you’ve created is something that has resonated with many people, and given direction and guidance to those seeking.

    Congratulations on all you’ve achieved in the last twelve months. And here’s to many more to come!

    Happy One Year!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sources of Insight!! 🙂 Congrats, JD, on keeping this great site running for a year. That’s awesome! I loved the 3 lessons you shared and completely agree with them. I’m looking forward to checking out the posts I haven’t already read. Thanks for linking to ’em!

  5. Congratulations, J.D. I don’t read many blogs (too busy blogging myself!) but I read yours, because it congruently offers sources of insight! Thanks for contributing plenty of signal in a world full of noise!

    Best wishes

  6. I’m pretty new here…discovered you via your comments on other blogs about 2 months ago.

    It’s only been in the last week that I realized your blog had outgrown my categorization for it in my reader. Sources of Insight has been moved from ‘New Finds’ to ‘Everyday’, totally bypassing ‘Time Permitting’. That doesn’t mean much to anyone else but me. Those categories define how worthwhile your messages are to me and, obviously, they are very worthwhile to read. It’s actually a leap that has never happened for any other blog I’ve read.

    I am inspired and stimulated by what you write on so many levels. Your posts influence my perspective on work, on home, on my roles in society and on me in the inside. That’s an amazing niche to fill and I’m glad you are doing what you do! Congrats on an outstanding 1st year and you will definitely keep the momentum going, I’m sure.

  7. JD,

    Well done! This is an excellent summary of one year of blogging. My blog just turned one year too, and without comparing to much I’d say you have more than twice the readers I have (which is probably the only statistic I track) so from my perspective you’re doing great!

  8. JD,
    I appreciate you & your blogs over the last few months! I was actually thinking of you today, no really! I had saved your blog to do with 30 day improvement sprints! This month I’ll be focusing on an exciting study area! Thank you for that ‘extra’ nudge! I have found that is what makes you stand out ->You give that little extra, which shows your dedication to excellence! I wish you much happiness and success!!
    Congrats on the one-year marker! btw I love the turtle photo! and this quote is superb! “Don’t seek to be better than others; seek to be better than yourself.”
    Blessings to you as you enjoy this exciting platform!
    p.s. You remind me of Dr. John Maxwell sometimes. To me, that’s living out talent! + your own originality! 🙂 You will go far!!

  9. J.D., Congratulations. It’s time to celebrate. You have been doing amazingly well.

    I started following your current blog on it’s one month anniversary. I am always amazed at the insight and valuable ideas you bring to table with each post on a consistent basis.

  10. Hi JD

    Lots of congratulations. I’m really glad that you are doing so well here and that so many people are benefiting from your insights. You have so much to share – and it’s wonderful that you are sharing it.

    Now I have some reading to do – some great-looking links above 🙂


  11. @ Alik

    I didn’t go it alone. Your inspiration’s helped lift me onward and upward.

    @ Daniel

    Thank you. Double? … I’m going for 10X!

    @ Lance

    Thank you. You’ve set a great example, and I’ve learned a lot watching you in action.

    @ Positively Present

    Thank you. I think you live the 3 lessons and I admire the way you give your all in your blog.

    @ Valerie

    Thank you. I plan to crank it up a notch this year. It’s time for some serious skill building.

    @ Dr. K

    Thank you. You put it eloquently – reducing the signal to noise.

    @ Suzanne

    I’m very honored to have made it to your everyday category, and thank you for sharing the impact on you. It’s kindling for my effort.

    @ Daphne

    I think you’ve found your voice and your niche. You bring joy and fun in a unique way to each of your posts.

    @ Jen

    I wish you the best in your 30 day improvement sprint. A few of my sprints have been life-changing beyond my expectations.

    I am a big fan of John Maxwell. He distills leadership and personal best down into practical steps and he writes like a friend who’s there to the end.

    @ Avani

    Thank you. Your unique blend of art, quotes, and insight with life lessons has been a powerful source of inspiration.

    @ Juliet

    Thank you. You have a wonderful way of asking just the right questions and really honing in on interesting points. You’re a skilled thinker.

  12. Happy Anniversary J.D.,

    I can’t believe it ‘s been a year since you started this blog. I still remember visiting your other one (but the name of it escapes me).

    You’ve come a long way and have done an excellent job. You’re continually turning out value based material that falls into that timelessness you strive for.

    I love your quote, “Don’t seek to be better than others; seek to be better than yourself.” That’s fabulous advice.

    Here’s to many more …

  13. I love what you’ve done with this blog. You have a great community here. I’m just happy that you are out in the world helping people like me get to the next level. I enjoy how you analyze your subject and break it down for your readers.

    Keep up the great work. 1,400 will soon be 2,800 then 8,000. Then you can retire from Microsoft and blog full time.

  14. You obviously are having many great returns for your year of effort and sharing here on this blog site. I know my life is better for finding your page and reading your posts. Thank you for your incredible guest post and all your sage advice behind the scenes.

    Your blog is a gift to me and my growth and skill development.
    Happy Birthday with a great celebration. I am looking forward to the years to come.

    You comments of the blogs of others are treasures.

    Thank you

  15. Pretty cool. I remember talking with you about the BookShare and watching you launch this blog. Insipring to see it from inception to this point. I look forward to the future growth. Certainly the material on here is extrememly valuable to me in my everyday life.

    Back to analyzing You 2.0.


  16. Hi JD .. many congratulations on this blog – it is such a good title.

    You do provide us with sources of insight – I love the way your writing is ‘simple’ – ie well thought out, simple to read, easy to absorb and clearly defined. That shows great organisation and time commitment. Today’s post on the journey over the year is really interesting, especially as Dani says you’ve kindly linked everything for us.

    I’ll be back to read more – especially your recommended “You 2.0” –
    don’t stop! Thank you ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  17. Many congratulations! On the year, the results, but most of all the lessons. I found those especially helpful as a way to reflect on my own blog (which is about the same age).

    I wonder what lessons the second year will bring you.

  18. @ Barbara

    Thank you. It’s been quite the ride. You’ve been a continuous source of blog advice that I get to put into practice.

    @ Prashant

    Thank you. You remind me that a big part of motivation, is paving the path.

    @ Karl

    Thank you. You’re a living example of growth and getting up to bat. You lead by example and I think that’s great.

    @ Paul

    Thank you. I’ll go for it. I’m not sure how yet, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

    @ Patricia

    Thank you. It’s great to hear that sharing what I learn makes a difference. You have an intuitive way of picking up on key things.

    @ Rob

    You were largely a reason why I settled on the name Sources of Insight. You told me it was sticky and your instincts were right.

    @ Hilary

    Thank you. You have a way with words, and an eye for detail. You share with care.

    @ Ian

    Thank you. I think a pattern I learned from year one is a key to success is sustainability and the key to sustainability is growth and renewal.

  19. Wow, It’s amazing how far you’ve come. Very inspirational because I want my website to grow too. Thanks for the post.

  20. @ BeTrulyHappy

    Thank you. Slow and steady.

    @ David

    Thank you. I hope to take it to the next level this year.

  21. Go, J.D. Go! And I might add to building your blog a post at time, we build them one reader at a time. And it all adds up, as you know — cool stats increases.

    And I just love this line, “Working on your blog is working on your life.” It is so true for me too.


  22. Skilled thinking sounds interesting though I’m pretty sure I don’t quite get it yet. Congratulations on your blogiversary, my word of the day. May there be many more useful posts and may some of the comments inspire some posts. A guy can dream, right?

    I wonder what kind of sequel would “You 2.0” have: 2.1 or 3.0 or would it just be easier to have a version “e” or “pi” for something a bit more transcendental, if you can see it that way.

    I try to check in on this blog once a week and spend a few hours digesting what I find as to my mind, some things mentioned here don’t click instantly but slowly reveal wisdom after hours of introspection.

  23. @ Jannie

    Will do! So true, we build them one reader at a time, and it’s great to have an attitude of gratitude along the way.

    @ JB

    Thank you. I’ll be posting more on skilled thinking in the near future.

    3.0 sounds powerful, but I haven’t thought through it yet.

  24. J.D,
    Congratulations! You have organized a fantastic blog, pregnant with a wealth of knowledge. Behind the pro-form simplicity, extremely serious things are elegantly dealt with and I sense that you seem to be never
    satisfied enough,and stop doubting that things are not what they initially seem, but what they really are(Mysterious and challenging).
    I predict for you a great future ahead, but please never abandon your
    faithful and grateful fans!

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