is One Month Old

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It’s time to reflect.  It’s been four weeks since I launched  It feels like a blur and forever at the same time.

What Have I Learned …
I’ve learned a lot, but here’s the gist:

  • It’s tough starting from scratch.  A body of content is one thing.  A platform and arena is another.
  • The more you can narrow the gap between the awesome vision in your head and what shows up … the better.
  • These aren’t mistakes … they’re just my lessons in how not to do things.
  • The value of the blog gets built one post at a time.
  • The sum is more than the parts.
  • Learn from others.  There’s lessons everywhere.  Success leaves clues.
  • The vision and the mission really help make it through those days when I ask, “… tell me again why I’m doing this?”
  • My blog is like a bonsai tree.  It’s not static.  It needs to be tuned and pruned over time.
  • Pace yourself for the long haul.  It’s a marathon with a bunch of little sprints inside.
  • There’s more time ahead of me than behind me.
  • I get by with a little help from my friends.

From Blogspot to WordPress …
I know many others blazed a trail before me, but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t sure about the move.  I posed the following question on Barbara’s Four Day Open Mic – 8/21 to 8/24/08:

“… is it worth moving from blogger to WordPress?”

I got some good tips from Barbara Swafford, Cath Lawson, John Hoff, and hyrcan.  It was Cath’s words that moved me to action:

“… I moved to my own domain. I didn’t want to put myself in a position where Google or WordPress owned my blog and could delete it if they wanted to.”

And so I made my move.

The Move
I imported my posts.  Multiple times.  For whatever reason, the import process failed along the way.  Eventually though, I got my posts to their new pad.  Some posts felt right at home.  Others were fish out of water.  Others were a sharp reminder of what it’s like to be human, where mistakes are inevitable.

My First Post on Sources of Insight
My first post on Sources of Insight was …

Posts so Far
Here’s my posts for the first month:

Tag Line
My working tag line is:

Stand on the shoulders of giants.

I think this captures the heart of this blog.  By using great mentors of our past and present, I want to lift people up in life.   I want to share the best insights from the best people and books.   Together, we’ll stand on the shoulders of giants.

Vision, Mission, Values
When it feels like I’m against the odds, here’s what keeps me going:

  • Vision – World’s best insight for work and life.
  • Mission – Improve the quality of life for as many people as I can, as long as I can.
  • Values – Continuous improvement, learn and move on, success is a journey, not a destination …

… Actually, you’ll get a better perspective on this blog if you read my About page.

Unique Value
I’m still figuring this out.  Some of my readers have told me that while they’ve seen some of the information before, it’s like an old song sung a new way and they suddenly get it and it makes sense.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s easier for me to connect the dots between many great bodies of knowledge.  I can’t believe I hadn’t connected some of the dots before, but now I can really see many timeless principles, patterns, and practices spread over many great works.

At the end of the day, the fact that I can send an URL right to the exact nugget of insight I need to share with a friend, family member or mentee really helps a bunch.

Results so Far
On the upside …

  • I made it 😉
  • Some people like the look and feel better and say posts are easier to read.
  • I removed the glass ceiling (real or imagined) I had on blogspot.  Well, that’s what I tell myself.
  • Traffic continues to grow.  I don’t remember what to call the exact rate, but snail’s pace comes to mind.   I exceeded 200 visits in a day, so maybe there’s potential.

On the downside …

  • I lost the bulk of my subscribers from thebookshare.  A friend told me I was supposed to redirect my feedburner to bring everybody with me, but since I changed the site name, I didn’t like the inconsistency.
  • A lot of my posts broke during the import.  I didn’t expect this.  This was a surprise.  I’m still fixing.
  • Fixing cross-references between posts is a manual exercise (and very time consuming)
  • I like everybody else’s blogs better than mine.  I think blog eny is healthy to a point.  It’s certainly humbling.  I have a constant appreciation for what others do so well.
  • I couldn’t have picked a worse time.   I underestimated the growth curve on one of my projects.  Life happens.
  • It doesn’t feel right yet.  Something’s off.  There’s a mismatch between what’s in my head and the actual blog.  I’ll fix it.  I want it more like a sunset where it’s intense and you feel good, but it’s not overbearing.  The picture in Use Stress to Be Your Best and When It’s Cold Shiver, When It’s Hot Sweat tell me that sunsets, sunburst or a southwestern theme would feel right.

The Road Ahead
I have a lot to learn, so expect lots of mistakes along the way.  I also have lots of plans but I won’t list them out (we all know plans are lists of things that will never happen). Actually, I do have ideas and I do have plans but my main focus will continue to be creating content that helps improve your life, one nugget at a time.  Join me in standing on the shoulders of giants.


  1. Hi JD,

    Congratulations for moving to your own domain. It’s tough to do so with so much content.

    I found your site through Blogging Without A Blog. I must say, I kept reading a lot of your articles without realising how much time passed by. Enjoyed your articles and found them to be interesting. Have subscribed.

  2. I think your site looks great JD! And I like this post. It reminds me of where I’ve come from in the few short months I’ve been blogging. It really is a learning process. For me, it’s also a learning process in who “I” am. That has been the most profound effect on me.

    I’m looking forward to what is yet to come here…

  3. Hi J.D.

    Time flies when we’re having fun, hey? A month already. I love your working tag line: “Stand on the shoulders of giants”.

    I know you will have great success with your blog. It will be fun watching it grow.

    P.S. Thank you for the mention.

  4. It’s my first time on your blog. I came over from Lance’s site. I think it is really worth the trouble to publish content on your own site and not under a free hosted account. It’s great that your site survived the move somewhat!

    All the best moving forward!

  5. @Avani – Thanks Avani. I too found your site through Blogging Without a Blog and I was impressed. Great work.

    @Lance – Thanks Lance. I really think working on your blog is working on your life. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

    @Barbara – Yes, Barbara — Time is a bandit. He catches me by surprise. If I ever catch him, he owes me big time.

    @Evelyn – Thanks Evlyn. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I’m ready, willing, and mostly able. When I fall, I’ll get back up … unless it happens to be time for a nap. I’m opportunistic like that.


    I like the look much better.

    “It doesn’t feel right yet. Something’s off. There’s a mismatch between what’s in my head and the actual blog. I’ll fix it. I want it more like a sunset where it’s intense and you feel good, but it’s not overbearing.” You said it so beautifully! You are obviously a good writer.

  7. Congrats!
    Looking forward to reading even more content on your blog.
    So far it was life changing for me.
    Thank you very much for sharing these gold nuggets.

  8. I enjoy your writing. I like how you *FRAME* your posts. Your talents are meant to be shared with the world. We all have the right to make things better. We all have the right to make the things we love. If you build it, they will come.

    Thank you and please keep posting!

  9. Hi JD,
    I am new to your blog, but one thing I can say for sure…You didn’t start at the worst time.
    Your timing was perfect…or you just wouldn’t have done it when you did. 🙂
    You are doing great from what I can see. It’s the purpose behind it that will continue to move you forward.


  10. @Troy – Great to hear! I’ll keep sharing and I’ll keep on posting.

    @Harmony – Good point! I thought I would catch the train at another time at another station, but I’m on it now, so I’ll enjoy the ride 😉

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  12. Hi, J.D. – I’m here through BWAB’s mention as well. Hearty congrats on your milestone! I like what I see, so I’m going to stick around.

    We’re only a teensy bit older than you. We started out self-hosting with a WordPress platform, but I wouldn’t have known to do that except for good folks like Cath Lawson, Michael Martine, Barbara Swafford (and others) being so generous with their knowledge and encouragement.

    Keep up the good work!

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