How To Start Your Day Like Tony Robbins



What if you could start your day like Tony Robbins? …

Would you move mountains?  Would you change the world?  Or, would you simply have a better day?

Tony Robbins has a specific startup-routine that he uses to condition his mind, body, and emotions to bring out his best on a daily basis.

He calls it 15 Minutes of Fulfillment.

Tony Robbins focuses on fulfillment over achievement.  The point is to enjoy the journey.  He’s seen too many people that achieved great things, but weren’t fulfilled.

The key to fulfillment is gratitude.  And, an interesting thing about gratitude is that you can’t feel fear while you’re feeling extreme gratitude.

Start Your Magnificent Life Each Day

Start your day with 15 Minutes of Fulfillment.

Starting your day the Tony Robbins way, can set yourself up for a life that is magnificent.  You can use Tony Robbins’ daily startup routine to take on problems 10 times bigger than you can normally handle, and, at the same time, feel fully centered.  You can storm through your toughest limitations.  You can use his daily startup routine to condition your mind, body, and emotions for extraordinary results.

Tony Robbins startup routine is simple and has three parts:

  1. Moving and Breathing (5 minutes)
  2. Emotional State of Enormous Gratitude (5 minutes)
  3. Incantations (5 minutes)

1. Change the Way You Move to Change the Way You Feel

In this step, you change the way you move to change the way you feel.   The science behind it is “breath walking.”   You’ll use breath walking to stimulate your lymph nodes and energize your body.  You’ll also link your body to a feeling of confidence and certainty.

The approach is to inhale 4 times through your nose, and exhale 4 times through your mouth, as you make strong, purposeful strides.   It’s 4 short breaths in, one after the other, and then 4 short breaths out, one after the other: in-in-in-in and out-out-out-out.   This will fully use your sinuses and oxygenate your body.

He said, when you start out, you should shake your body a little to loosen up.  As you take your strides, walk with authority so that you feel more in control.  Walk strong.  This will teach your body confidence and certainty, so that it becomes second nature.

Once you get the breathing and walking rhythm down, Tony Robbins said you can add “tapping” to stimulate your meridians (think of them as energy channels throughout your body.)   To do so, simply tap each finger to your thumb.  So tap your pointer finger to your thumb, and then your middle finger to your thumb, and then your ring-finger to your thumb, and then your pinky finger to your thumb.   Do this in conjunction with your breathing, so tap a finger each time you take in a breath, and each time you breathe out.

You can also add a phrase to say, as you walk, to reinforce your mind, body, and emotional connection.  For example, when you inhale your 4 in breaths, you can say, “Every day, in every way …”, and when you exhale your 4 out breaths, you can say, “… I’m feeling better, and better. Yes!” 

You have to say it like you mean it for it to be effective, and the more effectively you do it, the better you’ll feel.  You should actually feel your emotional state changes.  You can also swap out the phrase for whatever you want to focus on, such as, “Every day, in every way, I’m feeling happier and happier. Yes!”, or “Every day, in every way, I’m feeling healthier and healthier. Yes!”

2.  Create an Emotional State of Enormous Gratitude

In this step, you create an enormous state of gratitude.   You do so by acknowledging and appreciating both people and situations that you are grateful for.

There are two parts to this step:

  1. Current State:  For the first few minutes, you focus on what you are grateful for that already exists.
  2. Future State:  This is where you visualize what you want to create in your life.  For the last few minutes,  you focus on the future, and you envision what you will be grateful for, but you state it as though it already exists.  So, in essence, you are first feeling grateful for what you have in your life, and then you are dreaming up what you want in your life, and feeling grateful for the future.  You mind will build certainty around this future vision and help you achieve it in resourceful ways.  Feel as if it exists.  Affirm it.  Own it.  Your mind and body will change to it.  Remember that everything we create in our life, we first create as thoughts, feelings, or desires.

If you get stuck thinking of what to be grateful for, then ask yourself, if you wanted to be grateful, what could you be grateful for?   This is especially important because Tony Robbins has noticed that people that don’t feel grateful end up unfulfilled, fearful, and stressed.  You can have all the money in the world, but if you aren’t grateful, you’ll be miserable.  On the flip side, when you are grateful, you are rich, so give yourself the gift.

When you are practicing your gratefulness, minimally think it in your mind, but ideally feel it in your body, and say it out loud.   The goal is to really lift yourself up by feeling fully grateful for everything you have in your life right here, right now.

Tony Robbins provides several prompts to help you feel deep appreciation and start thinking of what you might be grateful for:

  • Who do you love?
  • Who loves you?
  • What is the wealth you have currently in your life – technology? choices? friends? books? ideas? opportunities?
  • What’s right in your life?
  • What’s beautiful?
  • What’s magical?

3. Say Your Mantras Like You Mean It

This is where you chant out loud, use your body, and express it.    As you walk, use the music, use your body, and use your mind, to reinforce your mantras.

Walk with a sense of excitement and link it to a sense of certainty as you state your incantations.

Tony Robbins shares a few mantras you might use:

  • All I need is within me now.
  • All the joy I need is within me now.
  • All the love I need is within me now.

Speak what you want to become.  Speak with certainty and intensity.

After Your 15 Minutes of Fulfillment

When you are finished, imagine how you want your day to be.

Tony Robbins also says that you can extend your 15 Minutes of Fulfillment into 30 Minutes to Thrive or an Hour in Power.   All you do is add on exercise.  So if you add 15 minutes of exercise to your 15 Minutes of Fulfillment, then you have 30 Minutes to Thrive.

Tony argues that adding on exercise after your 15 Minutes of Fulfillment will help you feel physically fit and vibrant.  He also says that when you work out, you don’t just workout your body.  You workout your mind and emotions.

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  1. This is great J.D. I recently went through the Tony Robbins “Get the Edge” course where I learned this routine, and it’s made a tremendous impact on my positivity and productivity.

    Most people wake up and watch the news while eating a doughnut, and they wonder why they don’t have much motivation or energy throughout the day.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

    • I really like how Robbins uses movement and physiology to change emotions. And, building thoughts of gratitude helps build momentum and motivation, so it’s a powerful force.

      I especially like his distinction here of focusing on gratitude to feel fulfillment, over getting caught up in achievement. That’s one of those little “ah-has” that changes lives.

      Interestingly, a colleague mentioned the other day, how they walk the halls stronger now (not because they read this post), and how they had forgotten how good it feels to stride with strength.

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