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image“You’ll learn more about a road by traveling it than by consulting all the maps in the world.” – Anonymous

Get ready for lift off … Your world’s about to rock.

What if you could have the wisdom of the ages and modern day sages on your side?  That’s what Sources of Insight is all about.

Sources of Insight is a garden of goodness at your service.  From a hall of heroes to quotable quotes that light your fire, it’s a golden gateway to better skills for a better life.

Over the past several months, I’ve invested in Sources of Insight  to bring you the best of the best and grow a garden of strategies, methods, and tools to help you make the most of what you’ve got.  You always hold the key, and you’re the author of your life.

To help you make the most of Sources of Insight, I want to take you on a stroll through some of the main features.  But first, let’s start with, “Why?” … “Why Sources of Insight?”  Answering this question helps set the stage for the rest that follows.  Let’s go “down the rabbit hole.”

Why Sources of Insight
To put it simply, I created Sources of Insight to help share the World’s best insight and action for work and life.  My super skill is sharing and scaling expertise.  I use that skill to make others great.   It’s my way of giving my best where I have my best to give.  It’s also my way of connecting to my values.  I value growth, excellence, and strength.  By sharing skills for extreme effectiveness, I can help you find your strength, leverage your excellence, and we can all grow along the way.  I want you to fully blossom and surprise yourself  Let’s flourish with skill.

Here are some key drivers behind Sources of Insight:

  • Skills to Pay the Bills and Lead a Better Life. This is one of the best ways I can articulate the goal of the site.  It’s all about empowering you with skills.   Life’s a journey.  By having proven practices on your side for thinking, feeling, and taking action, you stack the deck in your favor.  With skill, you can lead a better life from the inside out, one moment at a time, one day at a time.
  • Be YOUR best.  The worst thing to be is your own bottleneck.  The goal of Sources of Insight is to help you be YOUR best in any situation. Within every one of us, there’s potential.  Amazing potential.  The trick is to unleash it.   With the right methods and techniques, you can make the most of what you’ve got.
  • Deal with the tough stuff.  Life can throw us curve balls and for many of us, life is full of challenges.   Through Sources of Insight, I share the best ways to help you overwhelm these challenges and come out on top.   Life won’t always go your way, but you can respond more effectively when you have the right skills.
  • Exponential results for the underdog.   Knowledge is power and it helps level the playing field.  By giving the underdogs of the world, “executive thinking skills” , success patterns, smart strategies, and coping skills for the worst scenarios, more people can rise above their lot in life.
  • The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.   Sources of Insight is for passionate people who want more from life.   It’s about reaching for the moon and grabbing some stars along the way.  Mostly it’s about finding the things that make your soul sing.
  • Great Books, Great People, Great Quotes.  Sources of Insight is “Greatness Distilled.”   The world is a buffet of brilliance and the trick is to turn insight into action.

“Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”
You don’t have to start from scratch.   Many people have paved the way before us.  While we each have to blaze our own trail in life, we can leverage the know-how, experience, and skills from those all around us, and generations past.  In the spirit of standing on the shoulders of giants, I draw from the World’s best books, the wisdom of the ages, and modern sages.  I supplement this with a wide variety of experience including leading high performing teams at Microsoft.

Now on with our tour …

A Growing Garden of Strategies, Methods, and Tools
Sources of Insight is a growing garden of strategies, methods, and tools at your disposal.  Even if I never wrote another article, it’s already a deep and rich knowledge base of profound know-how.  It contains several hundred timeless and timely articles that unleash your mind, body, emotions, career, financial, relationships, and fun in powerful ways.

Here is a quick tour of some of the key resources you’ll find throughout the garden …

Blog Maps


Blog Maps are lists of key blogs organized by topic.  You can use them to hop around the Web when you explore key topics.  Here are some of the maps:

Book Recommendations


Book Recommendations are lists of key books organized by topic.  My book recommendations are hand-crafted indexes of the books that I’ve found to be the most useful.   here are some of my book recommendations:

Checklists are one of the best ways to turn insight into action.  I create checklists to share and scale expertise as one-liner reminders:

Featured Guests


Featured Guests are guest posts by best selling authors, experts, and interesting people with something to share.

Free Stuff


Free Stuff is a collection of freebies for you.  Don’t let the price tag fool you.  The stuff I’ve made free has been helping change people’s lives.  Here are the key freebies so far:

How Tos


How Tos are step-by-step articles to help you solve a problem or learn a new skill.  They are task-based and focused on action and outcomes.  Here are a few examples:

Lessons Learned


Lessons Learned is my collection of lessons from people of the present and past.  You can think of it as my “Greatness Distilled” series.  It’s the ultimate way to “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.”  Here are some examples from the Lessons Learned series:

Shop is my online store of goodness.  This is where I will make available any of the information products or books that I create.  Here are the key resources in the shop so far:

Quotes are my hand-picked collections of quotes organized by key topics.   I’m an avid quote collector and I think quotes are one of the best ways to share the wisdom of the ages and modern day sages.  Here are some of my quotes collections:



Training is where I share self-paced training for improving your skills.  If you want to seriously learn some powerful skills for making things happen, check this out:

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Maybe in the future I’ll do a brief video tour so that I can really showcase and elaborate some of the parts of Sources of Insight in a richer way.

Call to Action
If you do nothing else, I think these three things will spread some good Karma and get the ball rolling with thunder:

  1. Unleash You 2.0.  Use You 2.0 to build a firm foundation for yourself.   By getting clarity of your vision, mission, and values, as well as your strengths, you build a powerful core that will serve you everyday for the rest of your life.  I’ve seen Ed 2.0, Mark 2.0, Jimmy 2.0,. Alik 2.0, and many others in action.  It’s powerful stuff.
  2. Treat yourself to a powerful system for getting results.  Use 30 Days of Getting Results to surprise yourself.  It’s modular and self-paced so you can go at your own pace.  The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it, but it will change you in some way.  Whether it wrinkles your brain with some new insight, or if it inspires you to change your world, the choice is yours.
  3. Lift others up and help them stand on the shoulders of giants.  Share Sources of Insight with your friends.  I’m sure there’s somebody in your life who could use the World’s wisdom on their side.   Many people have told me amazingly powerful stories of how the insight or the inspiration they’ve found in Sources of Insight has significantly changed their lives.  That’s exactly what Sources of Insight was born to do.

Lastly, after you’ve taken Sources of Insight for a test drive and kicked the tires a bit, be sure to send me any feedback on what’s going well, what you’d like to see improve, or any new things you’d like to see addressed.

Sources of Insight is our arena to bring our strengths to the fore and unleash what’s possible.  Your inner giant is strong.  Lend a shoulder and let’s all stand strong and see just how much further we can see.


  1. Hello J.D.

    Just as I keep your book in my laptop backpack that I carry to and from work, I keep SOI bookmarked to get your take on things and extend my strategic thought. You have a unique way of delivering actionable content that’s easy to implement.

    This post provided a great tour of a great site. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. A wonderful treat for us all.

  2. Hi JD,

    You are an inspiration to the world. As you say, “The road has been paved” we just have to pay attention and use what is out there for us to be the best we can be and are meant to be. Isn’t life just wonderful!!!

    Thank you very much for all you hard work.
    Blessing to you,

  3. @ Jk — Thank you. It’s great to see that Getting Results and SOI are always on hand.

    I do think I need to share more on strategy. I’ve been on a strategy team for the past few months, and I’ve learned a ton from an amazing set of smarties, that are ahead of the curve.

    @ Debbie — Thank you. I’m really grateful to the many giants of the past and present for stretching the limits of possibility … onward and upward.

    @ Jonathan — Thank you. I think sharing the map is the simplest way I can help people make the most of the site.

  4. Hi JD,
    Thanks for giving us a tour around Sources of Insight. Every article that I read here is full of inspiration. You are doing an excellent job. I love it when I read articles that have the “wisdom of the past” as nowadays we tend to forget this wisdom. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi JD .. that’s a great post summarising your strengths and pointing us in the right direction as we strive to improve our lives.

    I really value your insights, your tabs (containing all that wonderful information) and the fact that you can set your points out so clearly .. giving us a lead in the right direction.

    Your take-aways .. the three pointers, that make the objectives so much easier to understand, are of great value to all who take the time to read your blog.

    A tour and a reminder of what’s on offer is a good summary point for us all to realise that we can commence out and achieve for ourselves.

    Thanks so much .. Hilary

  6. @ Hilary — Thank you. There is so much we can do when we stand on the shoulders of giants.

    Whether it’s shape a better day, shape ourselves, or shape the world, there are insights and actions that really do give us an advantage.

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