Thank You Readers of Sources of Insight



“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.” — Tony Robbins

I thought I would take a moment to say thank you to readers of Sources of Insight.

Thank you for …

  1. Finding your voice and helping others find theirs
  2. Letting your actions speak louder than your words
  3. Expanding what you’re capable of in new and powerful ways
  4. Learning and adapting as the world around you changes under your feet
  5. Inspiring others to live more, laugh more, learn more, and love more
  6. Working on the important things, not just the day to day urgent things
  7. Providing a shoulder to lean on to those who need it most, when they need it the most
  8. Standing strong when tested
  9. Working on your private victories, even when nobody’s watching
  10. Taking on big challenges and giving your best
  11. Daring to be different and standing out from the crowd
  12. Taking bold action
  13. Doing what you think is right, even when it’s not so popular
  14. Finding ways to flourish in work and in life
  15. Sharing your unique strengths with the world
  16. Drawing from great books, great people, and great quotes
  17. Letting your inner-Artist throw some paint at the canvas of the world
  18. Testing your ideas in the real-world to see what sticks
  19. Learning from your failures and setbacks and carrying the lessons forward
  20. Leaning into the challenges and growing stronger
  21. Imagineering a world of possibility and inspiring others to do the same
  22. Living your values in a way that’s true to you
  23. Keeping your fire burning inside, no matter what life throws your way
  24. Developing a beautiful mind
  25. Feeling a little lighter, no matter how heavy things get
  26. Not throwing away the little moments that often matter the most
  27. Making an impact, no matter where you go

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  1. I say thank YOU for spreading so much light, JD.

    I always smile when I see my “Action” folder in my mailbox and notice that a majority of the emails are from Sources of Insight – my quick dose of inspiration.

    Grateful to be connected…Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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