Checklist for The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive

This checklist is based on the book, The Charge: Activating  the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive, by Brendon Burchard.

The Charge is a guide to leading a charged life, where we have fun and engagement in anything we do, and realize our full potential, while sharing our unique gifts with the world, and lifting others up to do the same.

The Five Baseline Drives

Drive Activators
Control Control Your Outlook and Your Character
Control for New
Control Workflow
Competence Assess and Direct Your Desire to Learn
Set a Real Challenge, Plan for Success, and Get a Coach
Integrate Successes into Your Identity
Congruence Set New Stands for Yourself
Set Your Mood Meter
Keep Your Word and Follow Through
Caring Care for Thyself
Be More Vulnerable and Allow Others to Care for You
Be More Present, Interested, and Attentive to Others
Connection Define and Design Your Ideal Relationships
Practice Positive Projection
Find and Cultivate “Growth Friends”


The Five Forward Drives

Drive Activators
Change Make Change About the Gains, Not the Losses
Get Clarity, Think Big, and Be Bold
Challenge Choose Fulfilling Challenges
Focus on the Journey and Don’t Fear Rejection
Set Monthly Thirty-Day Challenges
Creative Expression Amplify Creative Expression in All Areas of Your Life
Study People and Design
Create More, Share More
Contribution Give of Yourself (and Give Yourself Credit While You’re at It)
Give to (Deeply Meaningful Contribution Experiences)
Mentor, Mentor, Mentor
Consciousness Focus Your Consciousness
Transcend Consciousness
Live in Wonder


Checkpoint Questions

Drive Checkpoint
  • Do my actions reflect the quality of person I want to be, and can be?
  • Am I setting my sites on enjoying new experiences regularly?
  • Am I working on at least two to five project a year that I am fully invested in?
  • What unimportant activities am I spending too much time on, which could better be utilized to try meaningful new things?
  • What challenges can I design for myself for no other reason than to learn, grow, and build more mastery and competence?
  • Am I taking time to give myself credit for what I’ve learned?
  • Am I living my six words every day? (e.g. Present, Enthusiastic, Bold, Engaged, Caring, and Inspiring)
  • What am I looking forward to the most today, or what could I decide to do today that I look forward to?
  • What can I do today to better manage my responsibilities and finish what I’ve begun?
  • Am I getting at least seven hours of sleep every night, eating smaller portions, more produce, and exercising at least three times a week?
  • Am I asking for help, opening myself up to letting others help me, support me, mentor me, encourage me, and care for me?
  • Am I seeing everyone in the world as having a sign hung around their neck that reads, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME AND VALUE ME?
  • Am I doing what it takes to improve and deepen the relationships with my family, friends, intimate relationship,¬† peers and co-workers?
    Am I projecting positive traits onto others, and letting them live into those traits?
  • Do I have four to twelve close, real friends, and at least ten growth friends?
  • Do I see my close friends at least one of them, in person every month, speak to them preferably several of them, every week or two at a minimum, they really know me, provide me with insight, information, and inspiration that challenge me to be a better person, and we have a high degree of fun when we hang out?
  • Am I surrounding myself with remarkable friends who help lift my life to the level of energy and potential I know it has?
  • Am I viewing change as pleasurable in itself, as something that brings in new learning and growth no matter whether it’s self-initiated or not?
  • Do I have a defined, detailed vision for what I want to accomplish?
  • Do I have my “Moon Shot”, where I am chasing something so big and unimaginable to me and those around me?
  • Am I choosing “good” challenges that bring full engagement and fulfillment in my life?
  • Am I choosing challenges that stretch my efforts and capabilities, demanding slightly more than the best of my skills and strengths, where I can score my ability, allow for a sense of completion, and allow a sharing of experience and achievement?
  • Am I setting a monthly 30-day personal development challenge to try a new sport, learn a new skill, take on a big creative project, perform at higher levels, or embrace a new belief?
Creative Expression
  • Is my signature style and creative input all over the past five projects I worked on?
  • Am I intrigued by how people behave, interact, communicate, use products, work, shop, worship, and organize?
  • Am I acting on any past burning desire to invent, design, sculpt, create, develop, or share?
  • Am I giving the best of myself to everything I do, exerting my highest and strongest self?
  • Am I giving my time, energy, effort, resources, skills, connections, attention, and love to my team, my company, my family, my favorite nonprofit?
  • Am I using my knowledge and experience to help others succeed?
  • Am I able to understand, feel, anticipate, judge, initiate, or be in control of my mental and physical capacities?
  • How present am I on a scale of 1-10?
  • Do I slow down and notice the marvels that unfold all around me?