The Wolves Within



I was reading my Grimm Fairy Tales the other day, and it opened with a great little story.

It’s a story about challenge and change.

I had heard it before, but it’s been a long time, and it’s a useful insight that you can apply to your habits, your thoughts, or anything really that you want to change.

It goes like this …

A grandfather sat his grandson down to tell him a story.

“Grandson, there is a battle going on inside me. It is a battle between two wolves.”

“These two wolves are battling for control of my very soul. One wolf is evil and filled with darkness and despair. The other is good and pure and filled with hope.”

“It is a battle that has gone on a good span of my life,” he continued.

Then the grandfather looked down at the boy and said:

“That same battle is going on inside you.  And, as the battle between those two wolves rages inside me, do does it rage inside you.”

The boy looks up at his grandfather and asks:

“But grandfather, if this is true, which wolf will win?”

The grandfather replies:

“The one you feed.”

Image by Bob Haarmans.