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“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” — Lao Tzu

Tony Robbins lives a life of leadership from the inside out.   He lives his values and lifts others up in a massive, positive way.

One of the most important insights on leadership from Tony Robbins is how leadership is about trend creation.  Create positive trends, from the inside out.   What I especially like is how Tony Robbins very clearly articulates that great leaders are persuaders and they externalize their internal representation on the world in positive ways to breed success for others.

That’s why Tony Robbins focuses so much on inner-engineering and personal development.   You need clarity of your values and clarity of the outcomes you want to achieve, so that you can lead yourself from the inside out with clarity and conviction when you connect with others in an authentic way.   Values are the lightening rod that attract others.  They help you connect in deeper ways.  And by expressing outcomes in clear and compelling fashion, you rally others to your cause.

Purpose is power and your personal power can help you lift yourself and others to build a better future and shine the spotlight on the positive side and the power of possibility.

In the book, Unlimited Power:  The New Science of Personal Achievement, Tony Robbins shares his perspective on what leadership is all about and how to be a more effective leader from the inside out.

Leadership is About Trend Creation

Be a more skillful, more positive model and create positive trends.  Robbins writes:

“Trend creation is what leadership is all about, and it’s the real message of this book.  You know how to run your brain to process information in the most empowering fashion.  You know how to turn down the sound and turn off the brightness of the junk communication, and you know how to resolve conflicts within your own values.  But if you really want to make a difference, you also need to know how to be a leader, how to take these persuasion skills and make the world a better place.  That means being a more positive, more skillful model for your kids, for your employees, for your business associates, for your world.  You can do this on the level of one-on-one persuasion, and you can do it on the level of mass persuasion.  Instead of being influenced by images of Rambo deliriously blowing away other human beings, you might want to dedicate your life to communicating the empowering messages that can be the difference in making this world the way you want it to be.”

The Persuaders Govern the World

Externalize your internal representations and change the future.  Robbins writes:

“Remember, the world is governed by persuaders.  Everything you’ve learned in this book and everything you see around you tells you that’s so.  If you can externalize on a mass scale, your internal representations about human behavior, what what is elegant, what is effective, what is positive, you can change the future direction of your children, your community, your country, your world.  We have the technology to change it right here.  I suggest you use it.”

Breed Success for Yourself and Others

Use your personal power to breed success for yourself and others.  Robbins writes:

“That’s ultimately what this book is about.  Sure, it’s about maximizing your personal power, learning to be effective and successful in what you try to do.  But there’s no value to being a sovereign of a dying planet.  Everything we’ve talked about — the importance of agreement frames, the nature of rapport, the modeling of excellence, the syntax of success, and all the rest — works best when it’s used in a positive way that breeds success for others as well as for ourselves.”

The Challenge of Excellence — Use Your Skills in Massive, Positive Ways

Create synergy, momentum, and massive impact in positive ways.  Robbins writes:

“Ultimate power is synergistic.  It comes from people working together, not apart.  We now have the technology to change people’s lives almost in an instant.  It’s time to use it in a positive way for the betterment of us all.  Thomas Wolfe once wrote, ‘There is nothing in the world that will take the chip off one’s shoulder like a feeling of success.’  That’s the real challenge of excellence — using these skills on a broad level to empower ourselves and others in ways that are truly positive, in ways that generate massive, joyous, communal success.  The time to start using them is now.”

Lead yourself from the inside out and use your personal power to lift yourself and those around you to build a better future, and  a better world.

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  1. Yes, what’s the use to be the master of a dying planet, or to lead to the suffering of millions of people just for the sake of the oil market?
    I think the deep need for humanity now is for leaders who are “morally awake”.

    • If I had to think of one attribute that distinguishes effective leaders, it’s vision:

      They can envision a better future.

      Styles vary, from loud to quiet, especially between introverted and extroverted leaders, but I’m always inspired when somebody paints a compelling future picture that’s within grasp, or worth reaching for.

  2. […] her favorite self help authors were Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Her absolute favorite though? Tony Robbins. You could see Katrina’s eyes light up when she would speak about Tony Robbins, she even said […]

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