Warrior Leaders are Positive and Exude Positive Energy



“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.” — Maya Watson

It’s easy to dwell and ruminate on the negative.

But Warrior Leaders know how to find and focus on the positive, no matter what.

I’ve known a lot of leaders.  Some loud.  Some quiet.  Some popular.  Some unsung heroes.

The ones that stand out in my mind are the ones that see a situation as it is, and how it could be.  The ones that pretend everything is hunky-dory, lose credibility fast.  People are smart.  They figure things out.  The ones that get stuck in the negative, bring everyone down.  Effective leaders recognize the negative, focus on the positive, and find a way forward.  And the best, are more consistent than the rest.

In the book, Warriors At The Helm: A Leader’s Guide to Success in Business, author Juan Carlos Marcos reminds us that great Warrior Leaders don’t get stuck in the negative, and they find the positive in situations and people, everywhere they go.

Warrior Leaders Don’t Get Consumed by Negative Things

Stuff happens.  But the best leaders don’t stew in it.  They don’t get consumed by the negatives.  They get up and get going and inspire others to do the same.

Via Warriors At The Helm: A Leader’s Guide to Success in Business

“A large part of any leader’s role is to solve problems, remove barriers, and deal with unpleasant issues.  There are stretches of time when the leader’s role can be burdened by negative situations or issues.  At these times, the Warrior Leaders shine the brightest.  Regardless of how unpleasant or challenging the circumstances may be, the Warrior Leader exudes positive energy rather than being consumed by the negatives.  This does not mean the leader is oblivious to the negatives or tries to spin communications to make negative things appear good.  It means that they recognize the problem, deal with it, look for the lessons learned and move on in a positive manner.”

Warrior Leaders Look for Positive Attributes in People

The best leaders know how to find the diamonds in the rough.  Everybody has flaws, so if you look you’ll find them.   But the best leaders don’t look for the flaws.   They look for the positive attributes and help them shine.

Via Warriors At The Helm: A Leader’s Guide to Success in Business

“Finally, Warrior Leaders look for the positive attributes in their colleagues and subordinates.  They build relationships on what is positive about people rather than focus on the negatives or the weaknesses that people may have.  Certainly with subordinates they will try to change the negatives but always with a focus on leading with people’s strengths as a foundation to improving the weaknesses.”

Whether you focus on the positive or the negative is a choice.

It’s you use your choices that sets you apart and forges your character.

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