What is Your Message?



Are you living your message?  A sticky message can be a powerful thing, and it amplifies your impact.  It amplifies your impact because other people can run with it.

Just think how many people “go for it”, because Nike says, “Just do it.”

You can have a mission.  You can have a vision.  You can live your values.  But what is your message?

Your Message Can Inspire

Whether it’s your slogan, or your saying, or a meaningful mantra, your message can inspire you, from the inside out.

Best of all, your message can inspire others.

People have used their message throughout time to change their lives, inspire others, change the world, create companies, and more.  How many of the greatest books on Earth, catch fire because of a meaningful message that people latch on to?

Live Your Message

Your message can be the key to unleashing your life, and the lives of others.  When you live your message, the world conspires with you.  When you are congruent in your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you bring out your best.

People often find their message when they get their second chance of life.

Why wait.

I’ve found that a key to the most powerful messages is that they are about how to live better, and they are a simple verb.

People With Powerful Messages

Here is a sampling to help inspire you to find and live your message:

Arthur Schopenhauer – Speak the truth.
Bill Gates – Change the world.
Brendan Burchard – Live more fully, love more openly, and make a difference.
Bruce Lee – Don’t waste time — it’s what life’s made of.
Buddha – Seek the truth.
Clayton Christensen – Measure your life by the people whose lives you touch.
Confucius – Don’t make life complicated – it’s simple.
Edward de Bono – Build a beautiful mind.
Eric Butterworth – Grow through life.
Eckhart Tolle – Live in the now.
Ghandhi – Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Henry David Thoreau – Chase your dreams with all your heart.
James Allen – Direct your life.
Jim Kouzes – Love ’em and lead ’em.
John Maxwell – Win with people.
John Wooden – Make each day your masterpiece.
Lao Tzu – Go with the flow.
Michael Michalko – Choose the meaning of your life.
Noah Blumenthal – Be the hero.
Ralph Waldo Emerson – Live deep.
Richard Bach – Live your mission.
Richard Branson – Live life fully.
Seth Godin – Be remarkable.
Stephen Covey – Leave a legacy.
Susan Jeffers – Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Tony Robbins – Live with passion.
Walt Disney – Dream big.
Zig Ziglar – Use your ability.

Really step into it.  Dig deep.

What Would Your Epitaph Say?

What’s the message you want your kids or family or friends to know?  What would your epitaph say?   A friend of mine is a curious explorer. After his second chance in life, his message is, “Explore more.”  His epitaph would say, “Here lies Eric … He explored more.”

If you have the feeling you were born for something more, or want to make your soul sing, find your message and bake it into everything you do.  The power of a message is to rise above the noise.  Your message gives meaning and helps you transcend.

Find your message and live it as you make your mark and leave your footprints on this world.

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  1. I think mine would be “exploit life to the fullest”, kind of resonates w/Branson’s.
    I like Ghandhi’s “be the change…” a lot too.

    I am writing this choking from tears over what happened in Connecticut.

  2. This article give me many thought , thank you sharing it !

    I want to say : You can make the change , never stop doing the meanningful thing !

  3. @ Alik — I think there is a lot of convergence around core messages and themes, but it’s our personality, strengths, and experience that add the twist.

    I think mine is “grow your greatness”, but it’s always evolving.

    It’s unbelievable, and yet another reminder of how fragile life is, and how we need to live for today.

    @ Evan — I like that — it rings the truth of a continuous learner, with a growth mindset.

    @ Denganliang — Thank you.

    There is a lot of power in driving from “Why.”

  4. “Never give up” & “Failure is not an option” are two mantras I’d formerly used. A mentor of mine recently suggested my Message could be “Rise, and rise again.” This resonated with me. At the risk of mixing metaphors, like a Phoenix I have indeed re-invented myself!

  5. @ Jimmy — You reminded me of one of my favorite movies where Jean-Claude Van Damme first showed up the scene — No Retreat, No Surrender.

    A Phoenix would make a great tattoo 😉

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