Be Your Best by Focusing on the Greater Good



You hear it all the time, but why focus on the greater good?

Although it sounds altruistic, it actually helps you.

A focus on the greater good, helps you rise above yourself.

When you focus on the greater good, it helps you become a better version of yourself.

In fact, as a strategy for life, you can focus on the greater good to help you become your best self.

I was reading an article in CEO Magazine by Jack London on how character – expressed through attitude, perspective, action, and resilience – drives success.  According to London, when we focus on the greater good, we free ourselves up from our personal urges, and we allow our true self to flourish.

Free Yourself Up from Personal Urges

Having a cause that’s greater than your own desires frees you up.

London writes:

“An important trait of individuals with strong character who tend to become great leaders is that they lookout and act for the greater good. They believe and work for a cause that is not limited to their own self. But why is it important that you have a desire greater than your self-fulfilling needs? For one thing, when you are driven by self-fulfilling needs, you are a slave to your mental vacillations. So you go left, right and center as your desires drive you. Focusing on a cause that is greater than your own desires frees you from the grip of your personal urges.”

Allow Your True Self to Flourish

Focusing on a cause that’s bigger than you can lead to your life’s greatest achievement.

London writes:

“When I say greater good, I do not only mean it in a spiritual or socialistic sense. What I am referring to is giving your best to the world by allowing your true self to flourish. Its life’s nature to exhibit inherent traits, a tiger will behave like a tiger, and a cow will behave like a cow. On the same lines, every person has certain inherent tendencies. You may be blessed with a grand vision that others can’t see, and you are compelled to ensure that the world subscribes to your vision. George Washington could visualize an incredible world and lead a mass of people to believe in and execute his vision. It was his true nature to envision that and to ensure that he acted upon it and did something with it. That’s what gave him his life’s greatest achievement.”

In helping others, you help yourself.

When you focus on the greater good, you rise above personal miseries, and give your best where you have your best to give.

The greater good shall set you free.

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  1. I love this concept. We call it a Higher Purpose. When people turn their focus outward instead of inward, they spend less time being self-critical or trying to create happiness through self-absorption. The science shows they can’t help but be happy when they are helping others.

    • Higher Purpose is a great label for the concept.

      Excellent precision on how turning outward helps us rise above our inner noise, and helps us find a happy path.

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