Why Start a Blog



“Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn.” – Scott Adams

Why start a blog?

There are many reasons to start a blog, but here are a few:

  1. Working on your blog is working on your life.
  2. Blogging is a way to learn how to ship ideas and incremental value (to yourself and others.)
  3. Blogging is also a way to grow and share your expertise.
  4. Blogging is also a way to build your personal platform for impact.
  5. Blogging is a way to spend more time doing what makes you come alive.

For some, starting a blog means freedom. They want to be able to work anywhere, anytime. For others, starting a blog means sharing their hobby or passion with the world. For others, starting a blog provides a way to give back and share what they learned from the school of hard knocks.

Blogging is a way to find your voice.

Blogging is a way to highlight what’s happening in your life.

Blogging is a way to write out loud.

When you start a blog, you should know why you do it.

If you know why you want to start a blog, it will help you keep going.

Maybe you want to start a blog because you are a life-long learner, and blogging is a way to keep the spirit alive. Maybe you are retired, but you want to start a blog as a way to stay in the game, on your terms.

Maybe you want to start a blog to solve a problem you hate or to help somebody you love. Many brilliant blogs were started because a parent wanted to teach their kid something they learned the hard way.

Maybe you want to start a blog to learn how to start an online business. Or maybe you want to create a six-figure second income with your blog.

Or, maybe you just want to share your ideas with the world, and let serendipity run its course.

I started Sources of Insight to help empower people. I wanted to create a library of success patterns and practices that could help people get better results in work and life. I wanted to help people master their world, by first mastering themselves.

I also see blogging as a way to keep learning.

Regardless of why you start a blog, don’t just focus on the outcomes. Enjoy the journey, too. If it feels like a chore, you’re doing it wrong. It’s a challenge and a chance to build your skills. It’s a journey that’s filled with leadership moments, learning opportunities, and teachable moments.

Never stop learning.

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  1. I agree with the points you made. Learning is key and something that is rarely mentioned.

    Scott Adams quote is directly related to my blogging start. I was thwarted in efforts to get my company to start a blog. So I decided to just start my own (partially to get more evidence for myself to see how hard I should press them). Eventually I did convince them to do it.

    • I see too many people treat blogging like a chore, but it’s really a chance.

      Blogging is a chance to learn, a chance to grow, a chance to share, a chance to experiment and go for it.

      Leading by example is always a great way to get people to follow.

  2. Blogs are a great way to reach out and have others reach you. I started mine several months ago, just to share thoughts and insights and to remind myself to always remain positive… It’s been a journey, its been a joy and I have appreciated so much the positive interactions it has created. ????

    • Blogs and blogging really are a journey in self-discovery and they are a great way to help lift others up along the way.

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