Wonder Around to Build Your Curiosity


Wondering Around

Curiosity killed the cat, but it helps an old dog learn new tricks.  John Medina of Brain Rules says curiosity is the most important thing.  It’s what brings you joy and it’s how you achieve mastery.

While I’ve always been curious and a natural seeker, I’ve really improved my curiosity over the last few years using 3 ways:

  1. I explore before I critique.  I ask, “How might that be true?” … or “How can I use that?”  … or “If I knew how to solve that, what might I do?”
  2. I ask myself, “What are 3 take aways?” whether I’m in training, in a meeting, or at a movie.
  3. I dialogue more than I debate or discuss (see Dialogue, Debate, and Discuss).

We have proven ways for building curiosity.  Walt Disney used 3 stages for ideas: Dreamer, Realist, and Critic.  Edward de Bono gave us the PMI technique (Plus points, Minus points, and Interesting points) to avoid the “intelligence trap”  (getting stuck in one point of view.)  You simply first ask what’ are the plus points before asking what are the minus point and then you expand by asking what’s interesting about this.

Seth shares a metaphor, Wondering Around, that he says is “the act of inquiring with generous spirit.” What a perfect metaphor to wrap and share the idea.  I find myself wondering around already.

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  1. practical insights and techniques. I adopted “how that can be true” some time ago from your other post. Good one. Turned me away from being a heckler heckler. Good site on brain rules!! loaded with cools stuff.

  2. I’ve just read Seth’s “wondering around” post, loved it. Curiosity is powerful and definitely not overrated.

  3. J.D, in reading this blog it became clear to me the necessary for balance and this quote came to mind:
    “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” -Henry David Thoreau
    now, to lose the critic somewhere in there.. give him a parachute or something.. hehe
    thanks for sharing here today! ~Jenn

  4. Hi JD .. the threes again .. ! Thanks – I’d add .. think before you speak, before you reply, before you respond in any way .. great thoughts here .. question to clarify, even if only in the mind as to ‘what is’ .. love the tot picking the white pebble up! Have a good Sunday .. Hilary

  5. @ Positively Present

    We all do, so we’re all in great company 😉

    @ Alik

    Brain Rules is a game, er, *life* changer.

    @ Lana

    Curiosity with skill is the new smart.

    @ Lance

    Seth always gets me thinking.

    @ Jenn

    That quote hits the spot. Hmmm … either a parachute or maybe a bunjee cord, for our entertainment.

    @ Hilary

    That picture reminded me of a long walk with my grandfather long ago and how he slowed down for my perpeptual curiosity.

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